About Your Hypnotherapy Session:

Your therapist will ask you to sit comfortably in a chair and close your eyes. They will then simply talk you into a very relaxed state. Your therapist will check that you are actually in a trance and ensure that you are comfortable with the experience.

Hypnosis is a pleasant, day-dreamy state. Your body will probably be very relaxed but you will be more focused and aware than you normally are. You are always in control and you will normally remember what happens during the session although it may feel a little like a dream.


Optimal Wellbeing Hypnotherapy is committed to offering consistent quality and professional hypnotherapy.

All Hypnotherapy, Counselling and Coaching services provided by any staff members or my self, Tony Lopresti, are not responsible for and will not be liable to you or anyone else for any action or decisions taken in reliance upon information contained in your session.

I, Tony Lopresti, or any other employee of Optimal Wellbeing Hypnotherapy, reserves the right to decline to accept or treat any client or individual. Each client is considered on an individual basis and acceptance into and continuation of the therapy is entirely at the discretion of Optimal Wellbeing Hypnotherapy. No reason for declining to treat or continu