If you want to change your eating habits, you have to have the right attitude. Here are a few tips on how to approach eating well:

  • Don’t try and completely change your eating habits right away. Make it a gradual process.
  • Start with achievable goals, such as a salad or a piece of fruit per day. Once you get comfortable with that, you can make longer-term goals like having one healthy meal per day.
  • Experiment with various healthy foods and see which you like. The world’s greatest chefs know that healthy food does not equal flavourless food.
  • Don’t skip meals or pick at food throughout the day. Try to eat three meals and one or two snacks per day.
  • Don’t cut out high-calorie or high-fat foods completely. Just lower the size and frequency of less healthy foods. You’re more likely to stick with eating well if you let yourself eat less healthy foods once in a while.
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