Quit For Life

You are not addicted to cigarettes, you have programmed your mind to have an unconscious response that triggers the need to have a cigarette.

Are you fed up from trying to quit time after time with no result? Are you sick of seeing your finances and health suffer? You can easily become a permanent non-smoker after and easy and simply one hour quit smoking hypnotherapy session. Although results may vary, we strive to have you leave your first session as a non-smoker.

Quit smoking for life

In just a couple of sessions, you can quit smoking for life. Stop spending your hard earned money on cigarettes that do nothing for you but leave you out of breath as your health and vitality slowly weakens.  Your health is important and we’re sure you would like to breathe easier save money and take control of your health.  Make the decision to quit and begin to take charge of your health, finances and well being today.

Quit smoking package

The quit smoking bundle incorporates: 2 x 60 minute quit smoking sessions of expert hypnotherapy and coaching with an accomplished and qualified Hypnotherapist specialist as well as a double
‘Quit Smoking CD Set’ (usb) worth $59 so that you may continue with the treatment at home.

So call us today to examine your unique circumstance and join a large number of other people who have Quit For Life.

What’s in store in the first session:

In your first session we go over the triggers and help you to discover the type or category of smoker that you are. You will learn a lot about yourself, your mind, the truth about quitting smoking and how quitting can really be easy. You even get dietary information on how to use certain foods to reduce or get rid of cravings altogether. From here we perform a full hypnotherapy induction tailored to your specific needs to help you to quit. There is no preparation required for the session as this will be a relaxed, therapeutic and calm environment for learning and being open to all possibilities of change. You may even find the session will help you in other areas of your life.

Second session:

If a second session is required , we monitor and assess your progress and continue with the program by conducting another full induction followed with more hypnotherapy techniques that will help you to quit and stay quit.

In the event that later in the future you feel the need to visit us again for a follow up session, future single session appointments can be arranged.

​Smoking Cessation Package fee- $350

Contact me today and make an appointment………It’s well worth it. 0412 167 750

0412 167 750