What we can do for you


Hypnotherapy, Counselling and Coaching techniques can be successfully used to a wide variety of conditions and problems. My counselling and therapy techniques have successfully treated clients who have presented with the following conditions:

ADDICTIONS (Gambling, alcohol, smoking,”soft” drugs).

ADJUSTMENT PROBLEMS (New job, new country, new relationship, new baby, retirement, new status.)

ANXIETY (Dealing powerfully with anxiety and triggers.)

CHANGE (New school, change in situation, status etc)

CREATIVE BLOCKS (Writers, musicians, artists)

EXAM NERVES (School, university and professional vocational)

FEAR (Fear of almost everything: fear of not being good enough, fear of heights etc)

SELF ESTEEM / CONFIDENCE (Feeling empowered, inspired, confident & happier. Learning to say NO)

MOTIVATION (Eliminating the fear factor, setting achievable goals. developing focus)

OVER EATING AND APPETITE CONTROL  (Techniques and help to end comfort eating)

OCD & PANIC ATTACKS (Extreme anxiety response, OCD relief and management techniques)

PAST ABUSE AND TRAUMA (Releasing un-resolved issues of the past)

PHOBIAS (Fear of flying, heights, dogs, snakes, spiders, wide open spaces etc)

PRESENTATION SKILLS (For formal presentations to small and large audiences)

PUBLIC SPEAKING (Ridding the fear, focusing on the material and exuding confidence)

QUIT SMOKING (A unique and popular program that makes quitting easy)

RELATIONSHIP DIFFICULTIES (Handling the stress of change in relationships.)

STUDY HABITS (Developing focus, discipline and memory enhancement. Reframing.)

GENERALISED STRESS & ANXIETY (Breathing, focus, confidence and resolving underlying issues)

HABITS (All habit’s you want to stop, I am here for you!)

DENTAL PHOBIA (Fear of pain, needles, dentist drill etc)

INSOMNIA (Getting to sleep, establishing sleep routine, eliminating intrusive thoughts)

GRIEF AND LOSS (Loss of a loved one, pets, relationships, jobs)

PROBLEM GAMBLING (All types of gambling )

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