Stress Anxiety and Phobias

Depression, anxiety, stress, phobias, OCD, panic attacks, not excited about life. Sounds familiar?

Anxiety, fear and phobias

We all feel a little anxious at times for different reasons. It’s natural to feel anxious and stressed from our normal daily activities, but if anxiety keeps you from enjoying all the wonderful experiences that life has to offer, then anxiety needs to be re-conditioned so that it doesn’t surface when it is not needed and shows up only when normally required to do so.

Anxiety and fear does have an important function for us humans. Fear keeps us alert and safe. The fact is, we need fear and anxiety because, in the right context, these responses can keep us safe, give us the energy and alert us to escape situations if we need to and possibly make us avoid situations which may be dangerous for us.

​”Fear” is feeling afraid of something that is actually happening now – For example: If a hungry Tiger or Lion is prowling towards you, then its fear you are experience. “Anxiety”, on the other hand is the expectation that something is going to happen, something fearful or dangerous to you in the future.

Anxiety is processed through the imagination whereas fear is a response to an actual situation. Fear and Anxiety feed of each other, the more we imagine something as scary, the more likely we are to experience the actual situation with fear.

​If you have been misusing your imagination to activate around certain events or situations such as social events, or a job interview,  or a family gathering or anything at all what ever it is for you, then you need to begin to reprogram your mind so that you associate such events in a relaxed, calm and confident manner and just go with the natural flow.

Phobias can cause anxiety but are differentiated by the fact that they happen in the context of an identifiable situation. They are marked by anxiety and avoidance. Thus agoraphobia is manifested in environments where the individual feels trapped and unable to return to safety, i.e. some places this can occur include  entering an elevators, approaching or bordering planes, tunnels and bridges etc. Social phobias appear in interpersonal situations; and simple phobias are persistent, irrational fears of specific objects or animals. Phobias may be mild, where they don’t effect the person to much or severely incapacitating. There are individuals who stay imprisoned in their homes because they fear the anxiety they may experience if they venture outside.

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Clinical hypnotherapy may help you get through to what exactly is causing the problem, help you learn to relax and piece by piece sort everything out and bring your life back to a good balance painlessly. That is what a clinical hypnotherapist tries to do for you, bring you back into balance so you can live a better quality of life.

After ascertaining your suitability for hypnosis we will discuss a treatment plan and what is recommended to achieve your goals. It is fully up to you on how many sessions you wish to have and there is No Obligation to continue. There are treatment programs available and you may opt to go for one of those if required.

​We are fully client centred and we understand it’s your therapy, your journey and you know yourself better than anyone else. At Optimal Wellbeing we use a holistic and transpersonal approach to our therapy work to achieve optimal transformation and healing. Hypnotherapy is safe,  natural and delivers results and together we can achieve your goals.

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